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"The TARA Approach is to me the missing link between the physical, the psychological and the spiritual dimensions of the body. The tools work as effectively on me as they do on my clients." – Runa Helmersen, Psychomotor Therapist, Norway

About Us

Hi, I am Peter, how can I be of service to your Journey?



Candle in Hands

Journey helps people in awaken their innate healing capacity by using The TARA Approach – a clinically tested method for resolving shock and trauma.

Image by Chang Duong

Journey supports businesses, community organisations and individuals to achieve their vision and purpose, to enhance their working environment and organisational culture, and to run engaging and effective hui, conferences and workshops.

Electric Guitar

Journey offers high quality music education, from beginner to advanced, in a range of instruments and applications, and also helps music teachers take their teaching game to the next level.


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New Plymouth 

Tel: 027 4313 544

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