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Facilitation Services

“the primary work of the facilitator is done in silence, and to the untrained eye it may look as if the facilitator is not doing anything at all” – Dale Hunter

My facilitation is Innovative, Engaging and Person-centred. I work with individuals, informal groups, corporations, employers and NGO’s. Here is a list of my facilitation services.

Group Hug

Facilitation Services

1.    Conference/hui development and implementation - helping to create a unique dynamic and engaging conference/hui - from vision through implementation and reflection. I can facilitate large groups of people at conference/hui if that is desired and help guide others to facilitate conference/hui or run workshops and other aspects of the conference/hui.
2.    Facilitation Mentoring– mentoring you in your own facilitation journey. 
3.    Workshop mentoring – supporting you in creating the learning environment you dream of. 
4.    Visioning – an exciting experience of where you are headed individually, as a group, workplace or oganisation. 
5.    Team building – assisting the ongoing evolution of your team.  
6.    Professional Development – designing professional development which suits your needs, bringing in other professionals as required. 
7.    Program Development – Helping you turn your idea into a reality.

8.    Rites of Passage, 

My Facilitation Journey

Facilitation is fundamentally a simple task, with much nuance and attunement. I get a deep satisfaction in helping people achieve their purpose, solve their problems, genuinely engage and connect, and become inspired to see their vision become reality.  

I first came to know facilitation when I studied as an Outdoor Recreation Assistant Leader though my first learning encounter was not so comfortable! We aspiring student leaders were briefing a group of special needs clients in the lead-up to a rock-climbing experience at the Auckland quarry. My legs shook so hard they literally knocked together, and my voice quavered so much I could not always talk! As I wished I could shrink into a hole in the ground, I never would have believed that I would come to love facilitation. 

Over time the wobbles in my knees and the anxiety in my voice smoothed out, and I came to know that certain facilitation processes could make life so much better for many people including myself. 

Below is a list of facilitation work I have done. 
As you can imagine I have picked up a few tricks along the way. 
I would love to help you in your journey –where do you want to go?.

Outdoor Recreational Assistant Leader

Adventure Therapy activities

Enviroschools Program

Facilitation training with Zenergy, Te Mauri Tau, and Enviroschools.

Lead for Permaculture in NZ annual hui.

Access Radio Taranaki 20 year visioning

STDC Community Development Youth Advisor at the South Taranaki District Council.

Established and led the IMPACT program in Taranaki

Lead for the Musiqhub Annual Hui

Curated and led the WOMAD Kidzone and the Summer Breeze Festival

Co-created the Lifespan Rites of Passage group in Taranaki

Image by Patrick Hendry

Facilitation Testimonials

“Peter provides a safe and creative space with deep awareness and care for those he facilitates for. His presence is welcoming and inviting and I would recommend anyone to experience any one of his many offerings and teachings.”  ~Brendon Whitmore, Therapist & Ecotherapy Teacher

“I had the pleasure experiencing Peter’s facilitation skills while working with a group of youth workers across multiple days during 2022 as part of their professional development. As a team of 5 facilitators Peter helped design the content of this learning and development programme.
Peter brings an air of calm and grounding into a facilitation setting. He easily reads a group as to when to ramp up the energy or to bring in activities that can be slower or more nurturing. Peter’s trauma informed practice also allows him to identify when appropriate support and
resources may be needed for individuals who may be activated by the content of what is being delivered within a workshop.

Peter relates well to others, brings a creative edge and a practical, applied approach to design
of learning experiences and facilitations.
The best facilitators who I aspire to emulate are:
• hungry to learn;
• present to the individual needs within a group,
• able to keep things simple,
• able to adapt the content they are delivering to the environment, situation and group
• focused on ensuring the learner /group is in the spotlight and not themselves.
Peter demonstrates all of these traits.
I really enjoyed working with Peter and am actively looking at ways to collaborate with him in
the future” ~ Greg Kirk, Director at Goggles On. 

“I have known Peter Heard since 2012 and have had a number of personal and professional dealings with him during that time. Personally he is a caring and compassionate friend with time and love to give to those who are lucky enough to move in his circle. He is passionate about music, people and healing and does all these things with power and grace. 

Professionally I have worked with Peter to build a rights of passage programme at the Green School New Zealand where I work as a founding teacher. In a professional capacity Peter is reliable, conscientious, creative and hard working. It is very obvious to those around him that he is incredibly passionate and knowledgeable in this critical area of providing safe environments for learners, children and adults alike, to share, grow and heal. Peter brings a sense of calm and wisdom to the work he engages so naturally with and I would recommend him confidently for work and facilitation in this area. He also has the talent and experience to organise and run kick ass music, workshop and healing festivals.” ~Mark Armstrong, Green School NZ teacher

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