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Music Services

I provide engaging and student-centred music lessons from age 6 and up in my music studio, at your child’s school, or in your home. I teach song-writing, performance skills, guitar, ukulele, bass, hand drumming, synthesisers, drum machine and samplers. I teach solo, pair or group lessons. I love teaching parents and their children at the same time. Lessons can be weekly or fortnightly, and students tend to enrol for a whole term. 
I have a team of police vetted contract teachers who teach instruments which I cannot play. 

I also mentor music teachers 1:1 or in workshops to help them take their teaching game to the next level. 

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My Music Journey

In 2003 I participated in a 2 week residential permaculture course and found it really hard to find my niche – to fit in comfortably in the social setting and classroom environment in the group.  During the course we looked at the different facets of a sustainable community –what jumped off the page at me was the function that music, fire and food serve in a community.


I decided that where I fit was in bringing people together for music and food and fire! My comfort zone during the course was plucking away at the guitar in the corner of the room or banging on a drum in a jam. Now that I had found that such things were purposeful, I found a way to be comfortable in the group. Music has not left me since, I play whatever instruments I can get my hands on and bringing food and music and fire has enriched the lives of many others as it has my own.

I teach music to people of all ages– either in their home or at my home studio. I especially love helping people enjoy learning and playing music, and teaching kids and their parents at the same time! I teach acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, ukulele, hand drumming, song writing, performance skills, and how to make electronic music (sampling, drum machines, synths and Digital Audio Workstations such as Ableton).


•    We absolutely love our sons teacher Peter Heard. He's doing a fantastic job.

•    Thanks for making it a positive experience for him :)

•    Peter was brilliant, very caring and thoughtful about what would work best for my son and how he could get the most out of the lessons. Great communication. Harley really enjoyed the lessons and having Peter teach him

•    Learns something new every time and is very confident with her ability

•    The concert is great, it really showed her what she could do and she loved it.

•    He's developing an interest for music and really has fun. It also teaches commitment and discipline

•    He is really enjoying the class. We are really impressed with how far he has come in such a short space of time and his enthusiasm.

•    Thank you for teaching my girls they both love your lessons.

•    “We were really impressed with how far he has come with his guitar – we hear snippets of it at home – but the whole song was truly amazing. We were really impressed with his courage and confidence on stage, with not only his guitar but singing as well. We hope that this confidence will grow as he gets older, rather than fade away”

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