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Tara Workshops

TARA workshops are a gentle and compassionate journey Beyond Trauma. Taking the journey Beyond Trauma in a safely held Trauma-informed space is healing. You also learn about shock, trauma, healing, and what from The TARA Approach medicine bag will help you on your healing journey. The TARA Workshop experience is empowering. We collectively share a sacred space for the purpose of healing – this space is highly attuned to each person’s needs. The curriculum is secondary - our primary orientation is to hold you in the safe space where healing is possible. 

See the events page for upcoming TARA workshops. 
Contact me to organise a TARA workshop in your local area, or via zoom.


I am available to NGO’s, corporations and through public and private workshops. 
See the International TARA Website for more workshop and training opportunities including how to become a TARA practitioner or TARA Teacher

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Shorter Workshops

Introduction to TARA – 1.5 hours 

An experiential taste from the medicine bag of The TARA Approach.

Jin Shin TARA Workshop – 1.5 hours

A hands-on experience of this ancient energy medicine modality – leave with practical self-care tools.

Self-Care workshop 1-2 days

In this workshop you will learn easy-to-use techniques and concepts which help you move Beyond Trauma and into our ongoing evolution that is our birth-right.

You will learn:

-Self-Care treatments using Energy Medicine in the form of Jin Shin TARA;

-How to differentiate Shock from Trauma 

-Techniques which can easily be used to support friends, family and clients.

Foundation Workshops

In this workshop you will learn how to Regenerate your Original Brilliance.

Through listening deeply to the language of your embryonic intelligence via Pulse Listening, you can not only resolve shock and trauma, but move beyond your trauma into purposeful personal evolution. This embryonic intelligence is innate in us all!  It is an evolutionary blueprint which can be rewritten and harnessed for the resolution of shock and trauma and the evolution of Self.

You will learn

  • Meridian Pulse Diagnostics

  • how The TARA Approach restores resilience through the Rivers of Splendour

  • Extraordinary and Ordinary Meridian flows

  • Introduction to Pre- and Peri-natal psychology

  • How to help others awaken their innate capacity through The TARA Approach assessment, treatment and integration processes


This workshop is equally suited for your personal healing journey as it is suited for those who want to incorporate TARA more deeply into their work with clients, family or friends.

*(a pre-requisite for Foundations is a Self-Care workshop. We frequently bundle the Self-Care workshop into the beginning of a Foundations workshop)

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